A Simple Checklist for a Good Code Review

A Simple Checklist for a Good Code Review

The checklist:

✓ Does the code handle edge cases?

✓ Do you see duplicated code? Can this code be abstracted?

✓ Is there a way to make the code shorter/easier/faster/etc?

✓ Is the code hard to understand? And what about the names, are they clear? Comments in the code are well thought?

✓ All variables and methods are named correctly?

✓ All new variables are declared?

✓ Does the change add run-time or it has performance issues?

✓ Are all parameters well defined and with the correct type?

✓ Are the libraries well imported? Are we using deprecated methods?

✓ Does the code follow the project standards and naming conventions?

✓ The tone of my comments is positive and will not hurt the other developer's feelings?

✓ In my comments, do I avoid giving orders and instead give suggestions? (“Change this method to xxxx” vs “ What do you think about changing this method to xxxx?”)

✓ Do I critique the code and not the author? (“Why did YOU….?” vs “What is the reason behind this….”)

Reference: medium.com/swlh/a-simple-checklist-for-a-go..

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